Recently, a friend of FiftyThree shared the following story with our team.
Hi Scott,
I thought you and your team might enjoy this story:
I was on a plane Monday night, sitting next to an old couple speaking Russian. I was sketching away using Paper and they started talking excitedly and giggling and gesturing in my general direction. Finally, I looked up and they were smiling at me. The woman said, in broken English, “We’ve never seen anything like that in our whole lives - 76 years. It’s fantastic!” So I held it out for her to try and she refused, laughing, as in “no, I couldn’t possibly.” But her husband was willing to give it a shot and he drew this and I said, “Isaak? Nice to meet you. I’m James*!” 
Just a little anecdote to remind you that you guys are doing great work! Thanks for helping me make two new friends.
*name has been changed